The Art of Interior Design

Ever since I was little I had a passion for the Arts. I loved drawing different objects and mixing different colors to see what I came up with. I studied classical ballet for many years which has helped the way I think and communicate when designing interiors for my clients. Ballet is a very disciplined art form. To utilize the technique correctly, one must be incredibly strong, creative, focused, and, of course, very disciplined. The dancer must bring out his or her feelings to communicate with the audience and make them feel the emotions the dancers are feeling. There is a certain elegance associated with ballet that is timeless. No one ever said it was easy, and yet the dancer must make it look effortless. My designs do just that. I have an open dialog with my clients, I get to know who they are, what type of lifestyle they have, what makes them happy and what their dream of a perfect lifestyle is.

My designs are timeless, elegant, and yet livable. I listen to my clients to bring out the true essence of their needs. All my interiors reflect the architecture of the home, I work alongside architects to enhance the architecture of the building, thereby making the space not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very livable.

I truly believe that great design can change lives. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients happy after the projects are done. As one of my clients recently said, every time she goes home she feels like a queen. I am so lucky to follow my passion and do what I love the most: designing and making people happy.

Kathy Entessar