Interior Design is More Than a Pretty Picture...

Often times when I meet with prospective clients and show them my portfolio, they tell me, "Oh, these are pretty pictures". Of course, I have professional photos taken of my designs, but what my clients don't see is the many hours I spend on programming, designing, meeting and coordinating with contractors, purchasing furniture and lighting, to name a few. Having an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) certified designer is crucial so that all of the "behind the scenes" work is done correctly and efficiently.
For example, imagine watching a beautiful ballet production that flows effortlessly and enthralls your attention. Each scene integrates with the next while the dancers perform in perfect unison with the music. However, the audience doesn't see the hard work that went into the making of the production such as the many rehearsals and choreography changes. As with interior design, all of the "behind the scenes" work needs to be done correctly in order to achieve a fantastic end result. Therefore, hiring a professional interior designer is paramount to attain the beautiful interiors you have always wanted. With a knowledgeable designer, your vision can become your reality.

Kathy Entessar